I created a ssrs report in vs 2012 and added it to AOT.

now created the menu item for the report and tried to open the report but its throwing error “unable to logon to microsoft dynamics”. can any help me please.

hai santosh

check the menuitem properties once,in that give object type is SSRS reports


Have you tried to deploy the report first before running it.



deploy the report by right clicking it then choose deploy element (in the AOT)

failing that…

Getting AX SSRS to work is no easy task.

You have gone through all of the tasks here (, and you still get some sort of unable to logon error when you run or deploy reports.

Ensure also that:

  1. You restart SSRS and the AOS after making the changes above and below.

  2. On the SSRS web site itself that the BC proxy account (in AX System admin/ setup/ System/ system services account) has user permissions (under site settings) and content manager permissions on the home folder, and that your Dynamics AX folder inherits this security or the BC Proxy account has content manager permissions here as well. (Failing that, give the account admin permissions under site settings as well and try granting the AOS service account the same permissions). Note that your regular AX users need SSRS permissions as well, so just grant them Browser permissions

  3. Add the BC proxy account and AOS service account to the local admins group on the SSRS box.

  4. On the domain, add both the BC proxy account and the AOS service accounts to the Windows Authorization Access group and the Windows 2000 Compatibility Access group

  5. If you are using an AXC file to open AX, close AX then open this file in the AX configuration utility and from the Connection tab, click the Refresh button to refresh the WCF.

  6. When opening AX, choose to run it as administrator.

Failing all of this, you could try installing AX on the SSRS box and doing deployment from there.


First check the User permissions in SSRS server folder .

And tried to deploy the report in AX .