AX 2012 Reopen arrival overview for purchase line


I encounter to reopen arrvial overview line for being ready to receive items again which are failed on quality check.

I do not want to post packing slip because it is failed. How could I make it reopen on arrival overview?

Please give me your idea to figure it out.

Thank you.

Is anybody can help me?

As i know, you dont have any direct way of doing it. However, i suggest to get it in the below way.

complete the packing slip even for the failed items.

Create another line with negative quantity and make packingslip…with which u can return the goods to the supplier

then you can still do the arrival process for the PO as still the delivery remaider exists for the PO

Hi, Santosh

Thanks for replying. If the person is responsible for purchase and inventory, it can be returned by using your solution.

But purchase and inventory in most of company are separated. So I need another solution.

Separate it still works, it is just working practice, the one without access because they do not have authority need to request it, which is the control businesses want where they are separated.