AX 2012 Released item - Search is not working


I created a new item code in the Released item with as ITM001 with Description, Search name and Product name as

WN FLANGE, PN 25, RF, DN65, SS316L, EN1092-1

When i tried to filter the exact same text in the Grid by clicking IS EXACTLY, System never retrieved the above record.

I created another item ITM002 as

WN FLANGE PN 25 RF DN65 SS316L EN1092-1

When I filtered on the Grid by this text with IS EXACTLY, System retrieved the record correctly.

I noticed that in the second case; item description doesn’t have any COMMAS in between the words.

Can any one suggest a work around for this.

The reason why i am asking is, We are an Engineering company and we have almost 30,000 items.We recently migrated our Inventory Master from our Legacy System. The Item description looks like the first scenario. Now the problem is if the user knows the complete description, he tries to paste it and searches with ‘IS EXACTLY’. System doesn’t show anything.

If the user tries with a portion of the Text, e.g. he searches as SS316L, then 100s of item which ever has SS316L. He has to spend time to find out the specific item.

Any idea?


Thomas Philipose

Comma is one of special characters - you can search for several patterns at once if you separate them by comma.

You can escape these special characters by backslash, e.g. WN FLANGE, PN 25, RF, DN65, SS316L, EN1092-1. You’ll obviously make your life easier if you don’t use special characters (such as comma or asterisk) in fields used for searching.

See Advanced filtering and query options for more information about special characters and other search options.

Thanks Martin,

The information was very useful.


Thomas Philipose