AX 2012 R3 Retail Closing shift error: 1000

Hi there!

When closing a shift for one cashier, I get this error 1000 and could not proceed. Have you guy encountered the same and how’d you solved it?



Here’s what the event viewer say:

LSRetailPosis.POSProcesses.POSApp: System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteScalar requires the command to have a transaction when the connection assigned to the command is in a pending local transaction. The Transaction property of the command has not been initialized.

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args)

at LSRetailPosis.POSProcesses.POSFormsManager.InvokePOSMainWindow(Delegate method, Object[] args)

at LSRetailPosis.POSProcesses.POSFormsManager.ShowPOSErrorDialog(PosisException x)

at LSRetailPosis.POSProcesses.POSProcessThread.ThreadProc()

at LSRetailPosis.POSProcesses.POSApp.RunOperationInternal(PosisOperations operationID, Object extraInfo, OperationInfo operationInfo, PosTransaction newPosTransaction).

Hi i had also encounter with this issue i think you should use the blind close shift button to continue close shift … and the problem might be in close shift you declare start amount and not then at time of closing shift you did not declare tender… i think you should close shift with start declare amount and then declare amount at the time of close shift if problem persist then use blind close shift…


Haris Gillani