Ax 2012 R3 Project Beginning Balance - On-account and reversal


I have posted project beg. bal (Expenses) for fixed-price projects as on 31/Oct/2015 without entering the details in on-account. To me it looks like there are 2 options

  1. Add on-account to the posted beg. bal.

  2. Reverse the project beg. balance and re-post the beg. bal with on-account details

(a) Which is feasible and (a) how to do it?

I am posting only Expenses in the balances. We are using basic project accounting without RR and with project category, no integration with Item and Time. Purpose of on-account is for project invoice tracking. Any other suggestions are also welcome.


– Ram | Techno Functional Consultant - AX |

As per this link cannot reverse or adjust the project beginning balance…/what-is-new-in-ax-2012-the-project-begining-balances

I posted another beginning balance with same negative amount and it is impacted the project statement. When I go to the Common > Transactions > Posted transactions >> Select the reversal transaction >> Click View ledger updates. The “amount” field is showing as positive amount instead of negative amount. Can any one please explain if I can ignore the “amount” value in “ledger update”?