AX 2012 R3 Installation screen button are not visible

Hi All

I am trying to install ax 2012 R3 in WIN Server 2012 and facing the below issue mentioned similar in the Technet link(…/ee355063.aspx)) below)

Buttons are not visible on setup pages.

But facing challenges in fixing it.Can some one help me out in cracking please

The Technet article explains which combinations of screen resolutions and operating systems are supported. Are you using one of them?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply.I am using 1024 x 768 Resolution which is supported but not sure how to check the DPI in WIN SERVER 2012.Can you please help me on that.

I suspect that your resolution is too low - try to use a higher one.

Regarding the Technet article, it probably doesn’t apply to you, because it talks about Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, while you’re using Windows Server 2012 (which I didn’t notice before).

Nevertheless you could set the scaling level on the Display control panel, but you would have to be aware of the fact that things get more complicated when accessing the server through remote desktop connection.