AX 2012 R3 CU10 client - Very slow connecting to server


Today I installed AX 2012 R3 CU10 on three servers(Test, Live and Development). One Domain.

Installed AX client…Issue as follows :

  1. Client opens very slow…even after entering AX…when u click any module/option…it opens very slow.
  • What might be the reason ?

  • Client PC has 8GB Ram

  • Servers also good configuration

  1. At client, during installation I selected Live server AOS. When I want to direct to Test server AOS.
  • I changed the AOS name pointing to Test Server in AX Configuration wizard/window.

  • But when I run, again its opening Live server only instead of Test Server AOS.

What might be the reason. Can any one help.

  1. Performance problems may be caused by many reasons. As the first step, verify that all machines (client, AOS, database server) have sufficient resources and that the network (connecting client with AOS and AOS with database) has sufficient response time.
  2. It seems that you changed a different configuration than the one you use for connection. You will have to tell us more about your situation if you want a more specific answer.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your points.

Actually the problem was RAM in that virtual server.

I requested the client to upgrade the RAM.