AX 2012 r2 slow

hi there, my AX2012R2CU1 had a sudden issue. Forms became really slow but randomly. Anyone faced this problem?

What exactly is slow? The first step of any performance optimization is measuring. You’ll surely solve the problem in a different way depending on whether it’s caused by network latency, a bug in code, insufficient resources for database server, a hardware failure in a disk array and so on…

There is not a specific form. It happens randomly even in simpe form as customer or vendor. One moment is fast and five second later it takes a long. In net requirements pegging is not refreshed and so on.

Problem seems related to AOS. Any tool available?

Many tools, of course! Some general and AX-specific tools are mentioned in Tools for monitoring performance [AX 2012]. If your problem is DB-related, look at Improving SQL Server Performance.