[AX 2012 R2] Populate a Grid with Table

Hello all,

i’m new at dynamics ax and i’m learning a lot.

Acqually i’m workin on populating grids. I’ve create a table and now i’d want to populate a simple grid with all the data in my table.

I could do this with query build range or other stuff?

Adding simply datasource in grid proprierties i see only a few results because my table is in realtionship with an other.

I’m not good to explain, feel free to ask me other info if you need it.

Thanks ang cheers guys!!!

Ranges will help you to further limit displayed records, not to add any records you’ve filtered out by a join (or what’s the problem). What’s the reason that you “see only a few results”?

Hi Martin,

thanks for fast reply!!

In the same form i have two tabs, in the first tab i have a grid (i’ll call it grid1) which shows all records from a table §( that i’ll call Table1)

in the second tab, i have a second grid (grid2) which should show all records of my second table ( table2).

In grid1 i can select a record to make some operations, well my grid2 depends from this selection and for this reason shows the results in relation to the selection.

If i select anything, automatically, grid2 shows results for first record of grid1.

Table1 and table2 are Datasource for my form and are in relationship with one field.

Now i’m thinking about some procedure as queryBuildRange or something like that.

I’m a newbie in ax, please be patient :slight_smile:

Did you set the JoinSource property on your second data source? that value should be set to the first data source.

I’m not sure whether you described what you want or what you already have but it doesn’t work as you want.

In the first case, if you already have a relation, you need to set JoinSource of Table2 to Table1 and LinkType to Delayed (see Form Data Source Properties for details). You also have to set Datasource property on grids (Table1 for Grid1 and Table2 for Grid2).

On the other hand, if you don’t want the automatic filter (“dynamic link” in AX terminology), clear the JoinSource property.

Good morning,

i understand what you mean. I’ll try again and i’ll let you know if and how to solve it.

Thank you again.

Hi all,

i solved my problem.

Previously i had 2 tables as datasource: Table_one and Table_two, and these tables had a relation. I added table_two again as datasource and now i have 3 table in “datasource”: Table_one, Table_two, Table_two1 ( renamed by ax).

Now i see all records and i can filter them with x++ code in “init”.

I think that I gained a lot from this passage on the grid component. I am also quite unfamiliar with the AX2012, issues like to populate grid with table means great difficulties to me. However, thanks to this topic, I find my way out.

I’m glad it helps you :slight_smile: