AX 2012 R2 - Org Hierarchy nodes


We are having a major issue with defining the Org hierarchy, suppose I am using the following operating units (just example) BU, Dept, CC which are like Microsoft, UK, Sales and then another value is Microsoft, US, Sales.

As you can see I have Sales under US and UK both but if you try to make this heirarchy once you select Sales under US you can no longer select Sales again under UK, as that value Sales will disappear when you click on Insert CC.

Which means I need to have two Sales CC like Sales1 (for US) and Sales 2 (for UK) to do the above as a work around but then how do I consolidate all Sales?

Above examples only extends upto 2 numbers but we have a scenario which can be extend upto 20 or more.

Has anyone faced this scenario as it is really creating major issues for our upgrade project.

Thanks & Regards,

Vishal Mehta