AX 2012 R2: Issue in importing Sales Order using Data import export framework

Hi all,

I meet issues when importing SO using data import export framework: the ordered quantity in inventory unit and remaining quantity physical are not auto updated as I manually create SO. That causes troubles: Picking list function is disable; Cannot perform Product receipt and Invoice. By my imported PO was successful.

I have imported SO header and SO line the same time.

The fields imported in SO header: CurrencyCode, CustAccount, CustGroup, InvoiceAccount, LanguageId, SalesId,

SalesName, ShippingDateRequested, DefaultDimension, PostingProfile, TaxGroup, SalesPoolId, InventSiteId, InventLocationId, SalesType

The fields imported in SO line: LineNum, CustAccount, CustGroup, ShippingDateRequested, SalesId, ItemId, Name,

InventColorId, InventSizeId, configId, inventSerialId, inventBatchId, DefaultDimension, SalesUnit, SalesQty, SalesPrice,

LineDisc, LinePercent, TaxGroup, TaxItemGroup, InventSiteId, InventLocationId, CurrencyCode, PriceUnit, SalesType

Please let me know if I did something wrong or which field must be imported ??

Best regards,