AX 2012 R2 - How to delete unused Financial Dimension

Hi all,

Please let me know how to remove an financial dimension.

When I tried to delete an unused financial dimension, I saw the error: “The dimension exists as a default dimension. You cannot delete dimension.”


At first you should remove the Account structure then you can only able to remove the unused financial dimension

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Anjan Das



For the above requirement you can able to delete the Financial dimension below are the steps.

  1. First check which dimension you need to delete, let us example “Customer” .

  2. Go to AOT–>DataDictionary–>Tables–>DimensionAttributes

  3. Check for the Financial dimension attribute “Customer” and select the RecId of that line.

  4. Copy the above table RecId

  5. Go to DimensionAttributesSetItem Table and open the table.

  6. In Dimension attribute field filter with the above table recid.

  7. Delete a record in DimensionAttributesSetItem table.

  8. Go to Financial dimension form in General Ledger. try to delete “Customer” system will ask you weather you want to delete are not.

  9. Delete Financial dimension.