AX 2012 R2: Fixed Assets: Value Model : Status

What is the difference between a Asset’s Value Model having a Status of Open vs Not Yet Acquired?

I am importing fixed assets using the DIEF - which creates a single value model for each asset - and am using Open for the Status for all rows. Is there any downside to doing that?

PS: I tried, and found that a Fixed Assets Journal with a type of Acquisition can be posted when the Journal has a Asset/Value Model with a Status of Open.

Status “not yet acquired” is when a value model is linked to the asset. Once we acquire i.e., when we post acquisition journal for the asset then status changes to “Open”.

I suggest you to import it with status “not yet acquired”, let the system change it to open when you really acquire it.

It allows you to post the acquisition in both the statuses “open & not yet acquired”.