AX-2012 R2-Deleted All posted transaction But Still Available In Main Account

I run the class sysdatabasetransdelete in AX-2012. All my transactions has been deleted from journals but these transactions are available in main account posted transactions. Kindly suggest how I will remove them.


There is no code in SYS(Classes\SysDatabaseTransDelete) which deletes the records from

\Data Dictionary\Tables\GeneralJournalEntry

\Data Dictionary\Tables\GeneralJournalAccountEntry (posted transactions)

But i can see in latest Cumulative Update that there are changes in this class which are doing this job.

I wont say to go for a latest CU for this. But if you have an instance of that you can see the changes and make those in your current.

Hi Kranthi ,

My client is using the AX 2012 R2 CU7 , in this case if i want to delete all the Posted transactions against G/L , vendor , Cust , Inventory , Indian taxes tables , what is the best solution ?

SysDatabaseTrans would not be of much help for deleting the transactions in AX 2012( as many tables are company specific and all the scenarios were not handled).

Create a definition group by choosing the relevant table groups (

export it and import it into a newly created company(rather than deleting the existing company transactions)

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you for the reply.

a) Can you explain what i need to export and import ? Explain with an example ?

b) Apart from these is there any other solution in AX 2012 R2 CU7 ?

Thanks in advance.

Any inputs ?

Hi ,

According to MS: The new method (SysDatabaseTransDelete.deleteGeneralJournalEntryTable Method) is added in SysDatabaseTrans so technically it should work,

Othewrise need to use Data Import/ Export by creating Definitiion group without transactions tables (guide in Technet page by Kranthi already)