AX 2012 - Push Notifications


I was wondering if there are any features in AX which allow for push notifications? For example when an pick confirmation is issued or when an sales order is invoiced?

Have you looked at the alerts functionality?

No I didn’t know of it. But specifically what I’d like to do is send a notification to a program with perhaps the event type and sales id or something similar.

The alerts system works best with a user account ( ie the user’s email account will be notified ). If you don’t want to setup a specific user account per program you wish to interface with, I would go with Eventing on the various processes you require an alert to and then either build up an email transmission or use a service client to consume a uri etc.


Hi Silvano,

That is something which I wish to do, however, how would I get the event from AX to the program I wish to interface with via the URI? Would I set up the alert or is Eventing something entirely different?