AX 2012 Purchase Requisition Not Converting to PO Automatically


i wonder if anyone faced such case before, as i created the purchase requisition and completed the workflow cycle to the end then the PR took status approved and didn’t convert to PO however in the purchasing policies i am applying automatic PO creation option !!

so if you have an idea about this kindly advice.


Hope that will help you.

Thanks Santosh for the link i’ll check if this will solve the issue or not and feedback you

Hi Santhosh

I am also facing the same challenge as Mohanadd has faced.I have followed the link given by you and the respective batch job is running.However the new po is not getting created in po form after PR Approval.Kindly help me out in cracking the challenge.

Thank you


Hari Santhosh

Ensure you have the vendor specified for the PR Line. If you have the vendor specified, then only system creates the PO automatically.

Hi Mohannad,

I am also faced same issues. i got the solution. Can you please tell me the approved PR is in the list of “Release Approved Purchase Requisition” form or not.

Thanks & Regards,

Raman Kutala.

Hi, I have created PR & approved but not showing in Release Approved Purchase Requisition" in R3. Please suggest.

I suggest you check the solution already marked in this post, if it does not then raise a new topic because this topic is already solved and people will not read your request.