AX 2012 - Post Dates Check - Reversal Transaction Date

Hi All,

I was working on new feature Post Dated Checks on AX 2012 . I was able to post a transaction for post dated check. But on the date of maturity when i want to reverse it, the reversal transaction gets posted in the actual transaction date of PDC and not the date of reversing.

As per practice, the reversal date of the transaction should be exact transaciton date and not the date of initial transaction.

Let me know if any one have faced this issue.



Hi Barat,

Im looking PDC setup , nd how to post. as you have already work on it. pls

share steps how to create PDC.


Hi,Yes PDC functionality is not working correctly…U need to do some code changes for that …its always taking as a entry date.

& if u settle that it will debit the vendor/Customer account as well…but when ever maturity of the check at that date only it should debit the vendor\customer account…but its not doing that …

Its happening both in ax 2012 RTM & R2 as well…