Ax 2012 - PO - Invoice button disabled

Hi to all,

During one PO issue I told user to delete pending invoice by opening it from PO - Invoice tab - Pro forma invoice and select it and delete it. I am not sure what he did but he said after deleted it, Invoice and Pro forma invoice buttons are disabled and Still pending invoice button is enabled but record still exists. Still PO is in Received status.

As per standard Ax 2012, once pending invoice is deleted from pro forma invoice, pending invoice button should get disabled but still its enabled… I feel its got freeze the journal. am i right?

How to enable invoice button to re-post invoice.

Any suggestions pls.


Dear PBS,

I think you need to guide the user to delete pending invoices from Accounts payable\Common\Vendor invoices\Pending vendor invoices list page and not from Proforma invoice which is certainly a payment request from vendor.

Try it yourself and let me know!


Hi Kiran,

Thanks for your help.

I tried to find it in pending vendor invoices list page but i did not find any record related to vendor (Filtered with vendor).

is there any other way? Kindly let me know.


Hi Kiran,

Thanks for your valuable help.

I found the records at – AP>Inquiries> History > Pending invoices and matching details.

Filtered with Purchase order number and deleted the record.