AX 2012 Planned Transfer Modify Qty Help

Ciao a tutti!

I am having troubles trying to edit the quantity for a planned transfer. This was the result of Master Planning, and it is for 1,350 however I’d rather edit this occurrence and send 1,400 instead. When I edit the order, I am able to change the Planned Quantity however when I save and close the order, then refresh the grid…the quantity is back to 1,350.

Any ideas? Is this possible? Do I need to split the order?


As standard there is no issue with altering a planned transfer order. If you save it and re-enter it will hold it unless between closing and reopening planning is run. Have you tried setting the status to approved and trying it? After that what is the item coverage group? What is triggering the demand? I have no issues doing it in standard cronus picking a random item, so it is either your configuration a localisation or a modification.

This was in the middle of the afternoon and our MRP runs each morning early, so we can rule that out. Also, the coverage group shows a min of 650 and max of 2,000. There currently is 613 on hand at the destination.

The coverage group is also set as a Planned Transfer Order specifically, from our main site, which has plenty on hand as well. I will try approving it first as my next test in a development environment.

After approving, it appears to keep the 1,400! Thank you very much sir for your constant help.