AX 2012 - PDC

Hi There,

I have a doubt on PDC, and no idea whether it is known bug.

I posted a PDC for 25th of April on 1st March 2012. So the following entry got posted.

Debit to Vendor and credit to bridging account. with date 1st March 2012.

On the date when check got cleared (that is 26tth April 2012), i cleared the PDC and the following entry got posted.

Debit to briding account and credit to bank account with date 1st March 2012.

I guess every one will agree that the second entry should have got posted with date 26th April, 2012. Am i correct ?

If the clearing (second) entry is getting posted on the issued date, then i will be into problem if i close the period.

Let me know if any one have encountered this before.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Bharath,

Am also facing the same Issue …Is there any workaround to solve this …

Thanks in Advance…

Hi Barath,

Yes it should be posted on the date which the check was cleared. I am also having this problem. Are we missing setup or something?