AX 2012 packing slip issue


I am creating packing slip in ax 2012. on item master base price is : Purchase price.

But after creating packing slip, it calculates the amount of cost price. and it affect on GL.

Can any one help me

Are you creating SO packing slip or PO packing slip?

Cost price wrt inventory costing is dependent on the running average cost if item. It will catch actual cost on inventory closing or recalculation.


Hi Pranav,

I am creating SO packing slip, and it is updating AmountMST in CustPackingSlipTrans as per line amount i.e. Quantity into Unit Price.

but in ledger effect i.e. Packing slip and Packing slip Offset the amount effect is wrong.

eg. net amount of SO is 1000 usd. but after making packing slip the effects in GL is 245 usd i.e. cost price. but in item master base price is purchase price.

What is your costing method and costing setup?

cost method is : Average

When you post SO packing slip, system picks the running average cost and not cost amount specified on item master. Packing slip and packing slip offset are hit by that amount only.

Run the recalculation of the item and check its impact.