AX 2012 Load Balancing Cluster & Services

My fellow Daxers,

We have 3 AOS configured in a cluster. None of the servers are load balancers, so they all share the job of load balancing as well as processing business logic ( per…/dd362041.aspx )

We also have a heavy integration with several custom and 3rd party applications. These utilize AIF web services, and we’ve noticed a drastic jump in the response times on these service calls.

I assumed that load balancing would also distribute service calls, but it appears that is not correct (…/hh397322.aspx )

How are you all implementing load balancing with services? Do you dedicated an AOS to handle service integration calls, and let the rest in your clusters handle rich client sessions?


I take it most are not in to the services load balancing yet :slight_smile: We aren’t either, so I’ll try and be a trend setter and let you know how it goes.