AX 2012 licensing queries

Dear all,

Can you plz clarify on my queries on AX 2012 licensing:

  1. If I buy a license like 10 functional users and 10 Enterprise users then can I assign these to 25 users
  2. Task User roles are very minimal and not at all good. Some are hardly used in any organization
  3. Can we assigned multiple roles to one named user ? if yes then how many license it will utilize.
  4. For example: apart from the users who would be using the AX , I have another 20 employees for whom self service users am abt to purchase. If I buy 10 self service named CALs, will my 20 employees can use (though not at same time)
  5. For the customized form and functionalities do we need to have a Enterprise user or can we use functional users. Ex: Maintenance is new module which we are creating…and there are no roles predefined. Can we assign it to a new task user role?
  1. 25 users, 20 licenses only… something is missing.

  2. He needs the “highest” license. If he has two roles requiring Functional User license and one role with Enterprise User requirement, he needs one Enterprise User license.

  3. Let me quote: “Named user licenses are specific to an individual user and cannot be shared. Note that if a user leaves the organization, the license may be reassigned to another user.”

  4. If you create a new module, it’s you thing how you want to license it.

Thanks Martin for the quick response!!!

This helps!!

Hi Martin,

Above answer is the best, thank you.

I have some more queries for you.

  1. Is there any default no of CALS available in server licence?
  2. Suppose I have 5 EU CALS and I am going to assign the EU related role to 6th person, will it stopped me @ assignment or at login time?
  3. Suppose I have only 1 EU. Now I am making only one login, related to EU. But 5 different users using 1 (same) login. Is it considered as violation?

Please suggest/ Thank u so much.


  1. No, but there is one exception: “You do not need CALs for the first user that access you instances of the ERP solution solely for the administrative purposes.”
  2. It’s your legal responsibility to comply with license agreement. You can run a report to identify this situation, but the system doesn’t block you to do that.
  3. You can’t assign a single license to five users. Whether they use the same user name in your system makes no difference. You have to virtually assign the license to a specific, named user - and nobody else can use it.

Check my post about AX2012 licensing and especially the links at the end.

Hi Martin,

So does it means If a company has 1000 employees, then we need 1000 licences depending on the user profile? If So, should I buy 1000 licences ?

You need client access licenses for all users - if all your employees use AX, you need CALs for all of them. You obviously don’t need a license for employees who don’t use AX.

Thank you Marin.

Hey Martin,

I just had one doubt : Suppose i have one user and i am assigning him two ENTERPRISE ROLES ,ie for eg. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR and ACCOUNTANT.

What is the count of Enterprise licenses used here? For the two Enterprise Security roles, is the count now 2 Enterprise Licences used?

The user needs just a single user license - features he uses define which license he needs, but it doesn’t matter how many features he uses or how they’re grouped to roles.


I 'd like to ask if the Enterprise Portal will be covered as part of the license of AX 2012 licensing or that separate licenses have to be bought for configuring EP and Role Centers with AX.


You don’t need any special license, nevertheless users accessing AX through EP still need a CAL.

Thanks for the reply Martin, just one more doubt, this means that if a User has an AX 2012 license as say an enterprise User CAL/ functional User CAL, then they can access and configure EP, and there is no need to buy a separate license for EP?


It’s exactly the same as in the normal AX client - a user needs a CAL license appropriate for features he has access to. For example, CustomerList web menu item requires Functional CAL, therefore all users using that must have either Functional or Enterprise CAL.

The license allows users to use AX functionality, regardless how exactly they access it.

There is nothing like an EP license in AX2012, just Server and Client Access Licenses (User/Device). However, you still may need a license for related software (e.g. SharePoint).


If I login with 20 Task User License and the organization has only 18 task user license.Will I get any error when the 19th and 20th user logs in AX.

Thank you

As far as I know, you don’t get any message. And you would violate the license agreement from the moment when you assigned more licenses than you own; whether users log in in the same time is not important.


I just checked with the logins .

What would be the effects of violation?It should actually not allow the user to login.

I can check a report on named user license counts,Can you suggest any report on violation.

Hi Mr. Martin;

Hope you dont mind asking this question here; how will i re-assigned the license to another user?

we have two (2) enterprise users that left the organization a month ago and disable these users account on domain and AX 2012 (CU6) i will add new users on the same field/role, just replacing the two user with another. but the named lic count increased after i add the 2 new users.

I highly appreciate if you could help me or answer me on this.

Thanks a lot in advance…

What exactly did you do with the old users? You kept them in AX without any roles?

Another solution is analyzing the data used by the report.

Hi Martin,

Out of curiosity how frequently should a company using AX run the named user license count report please?