AX 2012 - Latest code not picked up (Batch X++)

I had a batch class that generated Excel reports, and it was running fine.

We did some modifications to it and it runs fine(as per the modification) when we run as ad-hoc(without using the Batch tab from the parameter selection ).
But when the batch job is run it picks up the old code and not the latest version.
We deleted the previous batch jobs and created new ones thinking that it might pick now… but no luck.
We ran a IL and thought it might pick now… but no luck.

And now somebody suggested, to restart AOS and stuff… I am not sure I want to try that If I am not so sure that this will fix the issue.

I have the dev. knowledge, but I am in no way a technical expert. Any suggestions?


Batch class has two methods implemented,

  1. The pack method: is used to get previous values of the variables defined in a macro. it stores these variables along with their version as a container in SysLastValue table.
    You can see these values in Table browser of SysLastValue Table. ( This value is not seen at backend as this is a blob. )

  2. Unpack method: gets these value from SysLastValue as a container.

Whenever there is change in container values, need to change the version as well. Its defined in class declaration of your class.



Is this AX 2012? Batch jobs are normally run in CIL so a incremental CIL might fix it.



This really worked for me. You can follow this process. But requires to restart AOS…