Ax 2012 label not get deployed after installation


I have installed Ax 2012 with all prerequisite , but after installation system showing labels like SYS@70534.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.



What are the components you have installed?..What are all the prerequisites you have installed for that?

Also please check the system requirements…[:)]

Installing Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012

  1. Run Setup.exe from the Ax2012 folder.

  2. You will get the window opened as you see below:

  3. Click Next and you will find the wizard with two options. Select the option as shown below in the picture:

  4. Now another wizard open and you may or may not select the option.

  5. Now select Next and you will find the wizard shown below:

  6. Select the first option and click next, you will find the wizard given below as you need to select the target in which you like to save your software:

  7. Now click next and the next wizard will open as shown below:

  8. Now click install and the next wizard will open where it will ask you the type of installation. Choose Custom installation as shown in the wizard below:

  9. Now click Next, select the components you like to install:

  10. Now click next and it will check for the prerequisites as shows below:

  11. Since, there is no error, click next and install the components. Before installing the components, we need to select the database to save and hence configure it as per in the picture shown below:

  12. Select create new Database and then click next, you will get the following Wizard:

  13. Give the Server name, database name and Baseline Database name(everything is mandatory) for installing the components. After this, as per the following wizard:

  14. Check the options and click next,

  15. Create the instance name and give the default port number as 2712 and other options as given in the picture.

  16. Now select the option as given in the above screenshot.

  17. Now select the language and installation type as per the above screenshot.

  18. Give the Domain\Username as UNIBUZZ\bcproxy and password(UBZ@123).

  19. Now select the website for Ax2012 which you have created in Internet manager. Configure the application pool, virtual directory and physical directory or leave it as alone as it will be there as the default value which you just need to select it as shown in the picture above.

20 . Give the domain name and password and select the language as English (UNITED STATES) as shown in the picture above.

  1. Now again, the prerequisite validation window will open and if there is no error in that, click on next and a wizard will open where it will shot the components which are goin to be installed as shown in the above screenshot. After clicking install tab, the wizard shown below will be open which will confim you that the selected components has been installed successfully.

Problems which I have faced while installing the components below:

  1. SSRS, SSAS reporting services, Helpserver.

  2. EP

  3. Visual Studio Tools.

  4. To install the reporting services, we need Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2 Service pack 1.

  5. To install EP, we need Microsoft Server Search Express Start type 14.

  6. To install Visual Studio Developer Tools, we need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. 2008 version is not supported.

Even though , I have downloaded and installed the perquisite Microsoft Server Search Express Start type , it shows error in the prerequisite validation and doesn’t allowed me to install EP. What I have did is check the option CONFIGURE in the prerequisite error window and now, it allows me to install it. Hence, the remaining components has been installed. You can see the screenshot below:

Now, all the components has been installed and AX2012 is ready for Cooking.

Thanks for the efforts Enrique !

I have checked system requirement & Prerequisite.

Prerequisite validation i checked and according to that i have installed it.

now i am trying to installed basic setup i mean without EP. There i am facing Labels not deploying issue.

now i’m trying to re-install Ax 2012. an attachment which you have upload that are not appearing.



Hi Nitin,

I tried to upload the screenshots, but it not accepting… Is it a pre-release version your are trying to install or the complete New version you are trying to install?. I have installed the beta version of Ax2012 and there is no error and i am completely fine with that…If you dont get right, Try to create a new user account with full Admin rights and then try to install the software and check what is happenning. If still it happens the same, check with another system and if still happens the same, there might be a problem with the software only…