AX 2012 Invoicing Address when Invoice account is different than Order account

Hi All,

Recently, I bumped into an issue with Invoicing Address on Sales Invoice & Packing Slip.

Whenever we post an Invoice for SO whose, Order account and Invoice account are different, Invoicing address is set to that of Order Account instead of Invoice Account.


For a customer XYZ,

Order Account:= A, Invoice Account:= B.

We create and an SO on account A(with invoice account =B). AX picks up A’s address in Invoicing address instead of B’s.

Is this a standard behavior or bug? Has anyone else faced this issue?

Best Regards,

Michael Brown

No, the customer invoice address is used, my first question is does customer B have an address that is flagged as an address type “invoice”? There is a strange rule on the cust-invoice journal from memory in code where it takes the “invoice” address of the “invoice-to” customer and if the customer does not have an “invoice” address, but I cannot remember what it is off the top of my head.

Another thing to check is on the Customers form for the order account, under the Invoice and Delivery fast tab, verify that Invoice Address is set to Invoice Account and not Order Account.

You are correct. That’s where the issue is.

Thanks a lot.

Michael Brown