AX 2012 - InventPosting - get account


I use AX 2012R3. How should I find LedgerDimensionDefaultAccount in inventPosting table ? There is many capabilities for setup account. Is there any helper class ?

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Are you trying to extract a ledger account from the LedgerDimension? If so, you’ll have to probably create a custom class and use these classes

  • DimensionAttributeValueSetItem
  • DimensionAttributeValue
  • DimensionAttribute

You can get additional info by checking how these classes work:

  • \Classes\DimensionDefaultingControllerBase\loadAttributeValueSet
  • \Classes\DimensionControllerObject\getAttributeValueSet

Thanks for reply s3rg. There can be many combination for account table, group, category. I have to find account for Item. I can compare this to PriceDisc class. There is method findPrice and it check all combination. How can I do it here?