AX 2012 Inventory Management

Dear All,

In AX 2012, when i post a Inventory Movement journal and I get two errors that I can’t find a solution on. After I hit the post I receive:

  • Account number for transaction type Inventory, inventory receipt does not exist.
  • Account number for transaction type Inventory, inventory profit does not exist

I checked in item group postings, there the ledger accounts are specified for the inventory receipt and inventory profit, even though i am getting the same error.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Please check this:


Have you checked the Inventory tab of particular Item Group for Posting Accounts Defined?

Also, if the journal was created previously that the accounts were entered into the inventory receipt and profit fields, try to delete the item line and create it again.

Hi Sachin Ahuja

I have checked in Inventory Tab, The account details are defined after defined the account number, i have deleted the journal lines and created new entry, even though it is showing the same error.

Please do the neeful.

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Have you checked whether the account number assigned on item group is included in COA Structure or not.



Can u help me, in finding the COA Structure this in the AX2012.

Please do the needful

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General ledger - setup - Chart of accounts - configure accountstructures. The structure you should setup here and activate. Than you attach that structure to your COA.

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In COA structure we define ledger dimension combination. Follow the steps suggested by UBE and try to post again. Please note that all the ledger accounts in COA which you are going to use must be included in COA structure also.