ax 2012 inv movement journal posting error - transaction type inventory receipt doesn't exist

Hi, I am unable to post inventory movement journal -

I have my inventory posting set up as below for item group “raw”

issue - 2500; receipt: 2500 ; proft/loss: 2200. the account 2500 is inventory raw account; 2220 is also inventory adj account

I have dimensions activated as BU, Dept and expense with allow blank for expense

The item has ‘raw’ as item group, inventory site is specified, cost price specified. Only thing is that I am trying to post for 12/12/2012. period is open. fiscal period is still 2012 and (haven’t created for 2013 as yet till next week or two)

System is giving an error -Account number for transaction type Inventory, inventory receipt does not exist. Problem with posting to account number with name .

appreciate if some one can share what it could be wrong.

Can you please post a screen shot of the journal line and the inventory tab for the item posting group to clarify your above statements first?

Hi Adam, I allowed a null value for a dimension and it looked like it didn’t save. Also, i tried to separate that account into a new acct structure but didn’t include in COA. hence the issue. now it resolved the issue. However, if I were to create a new posting profile, what is the best way - create the posting from the item group → setup posting or directly in the inventory item posting profile where I choose the group → ‘new item group’ and the ledger accounts.

many thanks

Hi Patrick,

Please cross check that the account which you have specified in inventory receipt of the item group under Inventory tab is also included in COA configuration.

I think this is the cause of error.