AX 2012, how to auto-allocate ledger account to financial dimensions

Hi guys,

In my company we have 3 cost centres, saying cost1, cost2 and cost. I know in AX you can confisure account structure so when creating an expense entry, you can manually allocate expense to each centre.

For example, we spend 10,000 on marketing so my entry will be like below.

Marketing-Cost1: 3,000

Marketing-Cost2 1,000

Marketing-Cost3 6,000

What if we have a fixed percentage for allocating expenses? For example, regardless expense type, we always allocate 30% to Cost1, 10% to Cost2 and 60% to Cost3. Can you help me out configuring it?

I try to configure Ledger allocation rule under GL>Set up>Posting and run process allocation request uner GL>Periodic, all I can see is I allocate expense to main account, not to cost centre.

Take above case for example, I am hoping the system will auto post above entries when I enter 10,000 marketing expense, but what actually happen is the system run below entries

Marketing 1000

Marketing 3000

Marketing 6000

Marketing 10,000

Dimensions are not specified!!!

Hi Suzyn,

Help me understand – I’m assuming that you are able to get the 3 allocations to calculate correctly, but the problem is that the dimensions are missing. When you select your Ledger allocation rule, and click Destination – you should have the 10%, 30% and 60% defined in the grid to the left. On the lower right side of the screen, you should have the To financial dimensions section where you’ll define the dimensions for each allocated percentage.

In some cases it will be acceptable to book marketing expenses to, for example account 7000 (with no dimensions). Then you have your allocation rule source be account 7000, then the destination be each allocated percentage be 7000-dim1-dim1-dim3. The resulting journal entry will debit each 7000-dim1-dim2-dim3 combination you have defined and credit the balance in 7000 - - -. (You’ll need to make sure your account structure can handle blanks in acct 7000).


Hi Tyler,

Yes I do have To Financial Dimensions set up on the lower right pane of the screen, but cannot get it to work as the way I want. I think the main issue is account structure. My idea is to record expense to an account, take your example, marketing 7000 with no dimension, and when I process allocation rules, the system will auto allocate marketing expense to 3 cost centres accordingly. You are right that my account structure cannot hanlde blank in 7000. Can you please tell me more how to set it up so I don’t need to type in dimension and the system will allocate expense to each dimentsion?

Hello Suzyn,

I tested your scenario in system. Its working fine…