AX 2012 - How do I 'Block' a Collection Letter


I am aware of the ‘Invoice and Delivery on Hold’ option for a customer but unable to ‘Block’ a Collection Letter (the checkbox that is available when I view the collection letters generated via AR > Common > Customers > All Customers, , Collect Tab > Collection Letter Journal. My questions are

i) How to mark the Collection Letter as ‘Blocked’? At the moment, this checkbox is greyed out

ii) what exactly is it that this Checkbox (blocked) can do that ‘Invoice and Delivery on Hold’ cant do?

I would be grateful if you can get back back on Question 1 at least

Thank you

Hi Prometheus,

You can’t edit the ‘Block’ tick box from the Collection Letter Journal form. But you can if you go via A/R → Periodic → Collections → Print/post collection letters. Here, it seems you can edit the tick box if the Collection Letter has the status Created, but is not also Printed.

It will be set by default when the Collection letter is created if you tick it at A/R → Setup → Collections → Collection letter → on the ‘General’ tab in the bottom half of the form.

From reading the information about Collection letters on TechNet, it says ‘Blocking must be cancelled manually by clearing the Invoicing and delivery on hold check box in the Customers form’. Which implies it changes the setting on the Customer record. I just tested, and it does this after you Print and then Post the Collection letter.

ue to the amount of customization we cant upgrade to newer versions! However I dont know if this section in particular is customize.have nice sharing comments!!!


to be very gud process to add this data in those file …but have some difficulties these some lines!!!


Top man, Guy. Point 1 has been addresses / answered successfully. Thank you.

Top man, Guy. Point 1 has been addressed / answered successfully. Thank you.