AX 2012 - Fixed Assets - Daily depreciation


I would like to know whether there is any way in AX 2012 R2 to have the Depreciation calculated on DAILY basis.

In Value Models-- I have created a value Model as “VM” and in Depreciation profile, i named it as “SL”

Method = Straight Line Service Life

Depreciation year = calendar

Period frequency = MONTHLY.

Is there a way, i can put DAILY.

In AX 2009, i was able to do this by activating Localisation for Thailand or Italy (Sorry, i can’t recollect). But it worked perfectly.

Why i need Daily as the period frequency is becuase of the followin scenario

I acquired an asset on 01-JAN-2014 for Department Admin and i used in Admin upto April 15. Now I need to transfer it to Accounts from 16th April onwards.

If I run the Depreciation on 15th April, System is not calculating Depreciation, it just skips the screen.

Am i doing something wrong?

Please advise


Thomas Philipose