AX 2012 Feature pack to AX2012 R3 CU10 in-place upgrade



we are supporting an in-place upgrade of AX 2012 from Feature Pack version to R3 CU10 version. The code upgrade was done in an environment where AX2012 R3CU10 was installed and later the VAR model from Feature Pack version production instance was imported. We resolved all compilation and overlayering issues and the application was error free. I have exported the modelstore from this environment using AxUtil.exe set/installmode command

Problem Area:

To proceed with Data upgrade, we used another vanilla AX2012 R3CU10 instance where I restored the DB backup from production instance, then imported the modelstore using AxUtil.exe importstore /file:[full path of file and file name] / idconflict:overwrite. The import of modelstore showed me idconflicts detected and after executing the command it showed me the message that import was successful.

Now my intent is to start AOS, run the in-place data upgrade checklist but it failed to start the services with below errors

Object Server 01: The database DBSCLOUD-R3DEV2\R3DEV2_model is not recognized as a model store

Object Server 01: SQL diagnostics: The version of the stored procedures in this database is different than that expected by the Application Object Server (AOS). You must set up a new instance of the AOS that points to this database to update the version of the stored procedures

I followed the other approach of restoring the DB backup of existing production instance to SQL first and then run AX 2012 R3 CU10 installation by pointing the DB configuration to the restored DB backup. In that process also it asked me the path to import modelstore and when the installation started, it ran for 30 hours and gave below errors.

The model contains a customization of a configuration key. The model cannot be imported because you can overlayer a configuration key from the patching layer only.

2016-05-13 17:55:31Z ******************************************************************************************************
2016-05-13 17:55:31Z Conflicts have been detected and are pushed.
2016-05-13 17:55:31Z Model import resulted in an error. See previous log messages for details.
2016-05-13 17:55:31Z ******************************************************************************************************

2016-05-13 17:55:31Z Component installation task stopped due to an error.

2016-05-13 17:55:31Z ******************************************************************************************************
2016-05-13 17:55:33Z S260FinishedInfo
2016-05-13 17:55:34Z Property RemoveComponents set to: ‘0’
2016-05-13 17:55:34Z An error occurred in function CreateSummaryReportDataForUpdates during generation of Setup Summary Report.
2016-05-13 17:55:34Z Sequence contains no matching element

2016-05-16 08:53:49Z === Setup was canceled or failed. For details see the previous messages in the log.

2016-05-16 08:53:50Z === Setup logging ended: 5/16/2016 8:53:50 AM ErrorLevel/ExitCode: ‘1’ ===

I am not sure if I am missing anything. Can someone in the group help?


It seems that you took the production database directly, not the database that came through the in-place upgrade. If you follow the process (Scenario: Perform in-place upgrade to AX 2012 R2 or AX 2012 R3 [AX 2012]), you’ll import the modelstore to the test system (step Perform data upgrade on test system).

Regarding “The model contains a customization of a configuration key”, simply remove the overlayered configuration key and do it again.