AX 2012 Feature Pack inside VM A downloaded from Microsoft site failed to compile into CIL.

We tried to compile AX 2012 Feature Pack with demo data into CIL.

First time we deployed clean AX on the one of our boxes, successfuly did 2 compiled steps (X++ compiling and compiling into CIL) and installed demo data. After that CIL recompilation has been faild (compiling process just freezes and doesn’t respond at least 12 hours).

The second attempt was to download ready to use VM from the official MS site with demo data already installed(We used VM A from this link -…/microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012-feature-pack-demo-vm-for-commercial-industries-release-1-now-live-on-partnersource.aspx)) and compile it into CIL using default configuration. But this caused the same result.

Just for clarification: Compilation of the clean AX without demo data take 20mins on the same hardware.

Hardware is: Windows 7 64-bit, 8 Gb of RAM, 2-core i3. Also, we tried to compile AX in VM A on our VM server with better hardware (2 core i7 and 16 GB RAM) - result is the same.

I don’t think this issue is related to licesnse data, because we have this issue (AX CIL compiling is freezing) both with Microsoft VM and with our clean AX install + restored demo data with validated license data.

I can not attach Windows event logs to show the Window errors, but I believe that guys from Microsoft support can reproduce this issue using VM A from link above.

Also I can provide other helpfull information that you may need.

Any helps or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.