Ax 2012 EP File upload error


I have configured Document management to utilize SharePoint to store attachments.

When I’m using the rich client, files writes and reads occur without any errors.

When I try to attach a receipt to an expense report in EP, I get an error:

“File upload failed. file write error on server.”

To test just the EP, I change the document management path to a network share, and receipts via EP write and read fine. Its when using SharePoint as the document directory and using EP as the tool, the problem occurs.

I have added permission to the SharePoint document library to include first the AOS service account, then the BC account, then eventually All Authenticated Users having Full Control. But it still doesn’t resolve the issue.

Is this a bug or are there configurations I’m missing?

Note: This question was already asked by IANINCO but he doesn’t find the solution. So that here I raise the same question becoz am also facing the same problem.

Thanks in advance.