AX 2012 doesn't show all production orders - AX 2012 FP

Hi, For some reason, the AX production order list page doesn’t show all production orders - it shows orders up-to past 15 days. I checked the ‘PRODJOURNALPROD’, prodjournaltable etc., and I see the ProdIDs that were created past 15 days, that are in the table. I cleared the usage data. It’s showing up in the test environment. Is there any thing that would filter out the records. Strangely, we were able to see all prod orders till yesterday!. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

Any thoughts from experts

it’s strange that some of these orders have just disappeared!! I see them in the backup copy taken a day before! Could this be archived to another table say if the PO are done (ended) - possibly after inventory recal is run! Or could a SQL database server might have tripped that caused this chunk of data getting wiped out!

If they are not in the table the likely explanation, if the status is ended, that a user went in and deleted them from the screen (which you can do). Do users have delete rights to the table?

Thanks Adam. Yes some of the users have ‘delete’ rights to the table. But none of them did this. Is there any sql trace we can check. AX server was down and after that, this issue was reported. But I checked the AX log files, there is none. Could SQL server might have caused this?

try to Synchronize database

No I do not believe it is SQL server related. If a select number of ended orders are no longer in the table I would conclude a user deleted them.

few days ago, I had to backup the production, and then restore the copy after a day. I did restart the AOS etc., After restoring the copy, the data was there. Would I need to synch whenever I restore a backup!