AX 2012 document attachment


I want to attach a pdf file for a particular record in AX 2012.

How to do that?

Thanks for replying quickly.

But, I have already gone through this.

I am able to attach a word file or template but not PDF file.

Do you have any idea for this??

It would help if you described what happened, e.g. what error you got. Anyway, try to look into Organization administration > Setup > Document management parameters > (tab) File types and add PDF there if it’s missing.

I am not getting any error, That’s the real issue i am facing…

Yes, pdf type is there in a filetype.

when i am creating new document type, its getting created. but i am not able to attach any file with the record.

May be i am not following all steps, can you please mention all necessary steps starting from scratch to attach a pdf file with a record.

I am assuming myself a Novice AX 2012 user.

For example, open Sales order list page (Account receivable > Common > Sales orders > All sales orders).
Click the Attachments button.
In the Document handling form, click New > File (or how the document type is named).
Select a file in the Attach file dialog and confirm it by Open.

Maybe your document type is not configured properly. Check the Group field, for instance.

Hi! Try to check if pdf is listed in Organization administration> Document management parameters> File types.