AX 2012 Demo

I downloaded the AX 2012 Demo with more than 30 huge archived files from customersource. I imported it as a virtual machine on my laptop that is MacBook Pro with 16Gb RAM that is also using a parallel desktop for Windows so it’s even less than 16Gb (approx. 12Gb for the parallel desktop and around 10Gb for VM). I know that ideally I’d need 32Gb RAM but … So, it’s working but it’s so extremely slow. Please, advise if somebody might know if I could download some smaller version that would not be so huge and I could use it on the laptop. Or could I download the demo AX SQL db only from somewhere to use it in SSMS (SQL studio) to learn tables at least.

I’ve seen a video for the Demo installation for AX 2012 that is probably old where the RAM is used as 8Gb. So, I might need that version of AX 2012.


There is no smaller version, nevertheless you can switched off quite a few things you don’t need (starting with Virtual Machine Profile Manager).

Your other option is installing AX from scratch with exactly the components you want.

Regarding the database, you already have it. If you believe it’s useful, copy it from the VM to some other SQL server instance.

Please, advise if you know from where I could download not a VM version of the AX 2012.

If you could also suggest the minimum configuration that I’d need for a basic learning that would be wonderful too. I could see a big Retail module in the VM version that I definitely don’t need for now so I might not install it. But what would be a minimum I’d need to run it.

I see the installation .iso file on the same place (on PartnerSource) as the demonstration VM. Nevertheless I don’t know your exact situation - please ask your system administrator or your implementation partner.

As I (and the documents coming with VM) already advised, start the with the VM Profile Manager. It will disable some Retail service. You can also find additional tips on internet, such as this one (use a search engine find it next time).

What’s the minimum viable configuration obviously depends on your needs, which I don’t know.

Thank you again, Martin. I’ll work on it.

If you only install AX 2012 with a small database, 8G and a good SSD disk should be enough for demo / development purposes. When you install all the components ( Sharepoint, retail services, etc.) on the same machine, you need a better machibe, at least 16GB.

The demo virtual machine, it’s practical for demonstrations purposes because it has all components installed on a single box and can save a few hours in settings.

Thank you, Nuno. Do you know from where could I download the “only install AX 2012 with a small database, 8G”?


I’ve also found the article as below to use a dual boot. That would be probably an option too.

I don’t have experience it dual boot, I only use VM’s in laptop or Azure or similar.
I meant, “Install AX 2012 with a small database, and 8GB of RAM would be enough for basic things”. In Partnersource you should a demo database that you can import into AX