AX 2012 Data Migration Framework(Beta) for Products import

Hi, I am using AX 2012 Data Migration Framework(Beta) for Products import. when I import the products from the demo files given with the framework installation, the imported items are getting released. My actual requirement is to import the products into product master only, they should not be shown in released products. How to take the field mapping or any other way to achieve this?? Thanks.

It is Beta, unreleased publically and untested in reality - talk to Microsoft.

Hi Ashish,

Can you try to debug and comment the code that does the release?

If you want to go down this route, you may want to switch off ‘Execute business operations in CIL’ under Tools > Options > Development.


When I tried to import the product, the product name wasn’t updated in the table. Has any one faced this problem? Looking for a quick resolution.