AX 2012, custom listpage doesn't have any record

Hi guys,

I create a listpage to show all certificate list. For example, suppose I have only 2 workers. If we go to A’s profile, we will see as below.

Worker account Cettificate Expiry on
A Type 1 1/05/2020
Type 2 1/07/2015

if we go to B’s profie, we will see

Worker account Cettificate Expiry on
B Type 2 7/07/2016
Type 3 5/08/2017

The listpage designed is to bring all certificate information into one area which is like below

Cettificate Expiry on Worker account
Type 1 1/05/2020 A
Type 2 1/07/2015 A
Type 2 7/07/2016 B
Type 3 5/08/2017 B

I follow the walkthrough from Microsoft to create a list page. After I done all steps, there is no record showing in my listpage.Screenshot is provided below.

Any clue what I did wrong?

Check the Query which you have attached with this listpage type form. If you want to get all possible records from 2 tables, then use Outer Join on the main query.