AX 2012 CU7 parallel compile false alarm, multiple times

Hi Everyone,

My team upgraded to AX 2012 CU7 recently, cherishing the hope to enjoy the fast parallel compile feature. But it seems that it always generate some false alarms, which means the log HTML would say there are 56 errors, but if we generate the project that list all the problematic elements then “F-7” that project, the errors listed are not compile errors anymore.

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong? Hot-swapping of .NET assemblies is turned off in the AOS configuration.

Do we have to re-initialize the model store? I don’t think the member who kicked that off did that, is that mandatory? Or, there could be some other reasons?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Kwen,

We have also faced the similar kind of issue but in some other way in which the parallel compile returned no error but after that full CIL throws a few imagination errors even after two, three attempts of parallel compile. We had to full compile the application [the traditional way] and run full CIL and it went fine. I know nothing here as a solution but I guess we both have similar kind of issue.


Vishal Kohli

Thank you for the information, Vishal. Let’s see if someone else has a way to resolve this issue.