AX 2012 CU4 - System ServiceModel CommunicationObjectFaultedException Detail Not Found Bug??

Hi All,

We have created an Excel template for the General Journal module in AX and we are trying to import 400+ rows of data. To be more specific, this template populates the General Journal form (Header) and the Journal Voucher form (Line). We are also running AX 2012 CU4.

When we imported 50 or so rows, everything worked fine. However, importing 400 gives us the following error:

System.ServiceModel.CommunicationObjectFaultedException.Detail Not Found

Assuming that this is in fact a timeout issue, I have followed the instructions provided in the below thread by installing the KB Hotfix from MS and increased the timeout values of CloseTimeout property and SendTimeout property of the “NetTcpBinding_GenericDocumentService” and “NetTcpBinding_GeneralJournalService” and I am still encountering the error.…/dynamics-ax-2012-excel-add-in-timeout-issues.aspx

Has anyone seen this error or been able to resolve it?

The problem is that we can’t just upload 50 rows at a time. On daily basis we have 1000+ transactions and it will affect our performance having to do this 50 rows at a time.

Any help or updates from anyone on this site? Anyone seen this error?