AX 2012 CU3 Sales Order Error (SalesTableExtensionTH)

We just upgraded to CU3 and we are now getting this error for non system adminstrators:

“You are not authorized to access table ‘Sales Orders for Thailand’ (SalesTableExtensionTH). Contact your system administrator.”

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Do you have the country setting for Thailand activated?

Where do I go to check that? If you are referring to the Country/Regional specific features in the license configuration, we only have the United States checked. Also, we are getting this for all sales orders. I don’t even think we have any SO’s for Thailand. Additionally, I do not believe we even have that TH extension enabled on our system.

It looks like the CU3 update created a Thailand government certification under general ledger in the license configuration. We have turned that off and are now testing.

You have to love it [:D]

We had to comment out the code in the methods that were referencing the new Thailand tables.