AX 2012 Compilation taking time??

Hi All,

I Installed AX 2012 R2 local in my laptop and i started compilation. Still it is compiling from the last 16 Hours. May i know the reason why it was taking more time and my laptop configuration is,

OS - Windows 8 64-BIt

RAM - 4 GB

Processor - AMD64



First of all, ensure yourself that you have KB2844240 installed and configured. Then verify configuration of the compiler - you may want to decrease compiler level (especially if it’s set to Level 4) and to disable update of cross-references.

Then review your hardware - you should easily see whether you’re out of RAM or whether your processor runs constantly at 100%. The problem may be also in slow disks. Even without measurement, add more RAM. 4 GB is very little, especially if you have database server on the same machine.

Also look at Joris’s blog post about Dynamics AX 2012 Compile Times.

You should have decent amount of RAM if you want to install big softwares like AX. Also , AX takes longer time to compile. Check the settings and memory. If everything is ok, wait with patience.