AX 2012 client crash when running a report or inquiries?

Hi, this happens to one particular user who has Sys admin priv. but whenever she tries to run report or even inquiries say voucher, the system seems to hang. it used to work fine. But other users are able to run this. this user is not running any other apps. Any thoughts would be a big help in trying to resolving this issue. we are looking into PC memory or network connectivity etc.,

Has anyone experienced this type of AX client behaviour. it seems the report (or popup window) is causing this issue. Could this be related to firewall issue in the desktop? it used to work just fine. Appreciate any thoughts on this subject

I would like to know how to set up AX 2012 clients for Development, test and production AX servers for a user from a same PC?

I was searching the CU4 and it mention few errors lead to AX client crash - but what is strange here is that it doesn’t work for only one user and everyone else is fine!