AX 2012 Class extending RunBaseReport - Dialog overide errors

Recently I was trying to knock up some code using the AX 2012 VPC image to resemble an issue I was having in AX4(!).

I tried to create a Dialog method override and this is erroring in that the parameters are wrong.

At this stage, I have just cretaed the overide dialog method. So, I have done nothing else to it.

Is this an AX 2012 restriction? Is this because AX 2012 now uses SSRS?

Very curious.

I tried to create my own class extending RunBaseReport and I got the same error. The problem is that RunBase.dialog() doesn’t contain any parameters, so no child can change it to something that couldn’t be called without parameters.

RunBaseReport has two optional parameters, so it still can be called without parameters and compiler it happy. But the empty method that AX creates when you override dialog() has two mandatory parameters (parameters without default values), which is wrong.

Just add the default values and it will be all right. It will look like this: public Object dialog(DialogRunbase dialog = null, boolean forceOnClient = false).

Nevertheless you shouldn’t create any new MorphX reports, this technology is deprecated and will be removed in the next version of AX.

Thanks Martin. I should have thought of that myself.