Ax 2012 Changing quantity of started on Produtcion batch


We are a manufacturing plant.

I have created a batch order with a quantity of 50.

Halfway through production I have taken 20 out of the production to be made into something different. I do not want to use the split functionality, as I have to reset the status and remove the components.

What I have done is “unpicked” the percentage of components I am taking away.

My problem is - can I change the quantity on the original batch order to 30 without resetting the status?

Production Item number CW quantity Quantity Report remainder as finished Delivery Status Remain status
PB000308 FA0001 50 650.00 650.00 Started Material consumption

Many thanks for any help you can give me.

Kind regards


No you can’t. The quantity, date, item to be produced can only be changed if the production order is in ‘Created’ status, so you need to reset the status to achieve what you want.

And what if you don’t change the started quantity? You will consume the necessary components for 30 and report 30 as finished. The cost for those 30 units will be normal as you only use the necessary resources for such quantity and not for 50.

Yes you are going to see 50 as started quantity and 30 as reported as finished, but maybe you can attach a note to that production order if you need some information support.

Thank you Hector.

I will use your advice on attaching a note.

Kind regards