Ax 2012- budgeting : problem with resubmitting a workflow with a conditional step


I have a workflow (a BudgetRegisterEntryReview one) with one approbation and 3 steps in it. The first step is conditioned by some specific dimensions values. It works fine on the first submission.

But if, say, the user on the third and last step reject the movement, and then the user who submitted the workflow resubmit it, in this case the conditioned step is ignored (not wrongly evaluated, but really ignored, as far as I can see in the workflow history), and the workflow goes directly to the second step in the approbation.

It also works this way if I add a conditional decision : the conditional decision is ignored.

I can’t imagine any good reason why it would behave this way, so maybe I did something wrong in configuring the workflow. And if it’s the “normal” behaviour, I’m ready to go into development and modify whatever it takes, but I’m a beginner in Ax and workflow development, so I don’t really see what to do.

So thanks in advance for any help you can provide on this subject.