AX 2012 - BOM Calculation - Getting zero cost price in BOM Calculation for the BOM item procured using purchase order (with the selection of trade agreement as the purchase price model)


I have a BOM item, which I plan to buy externally. I have got a trade agreement purchase price defined for the BOM item with active price search dimensions set to Site & Warehouse. I have attached a cost group to this BOM item and configured the freigh surcharge 10% with respect to the cost group assigned to the BOM item. This is to load the freight cost in cost price estimation using BOM Calculation.

I have enabled Explosion stopped at the calculation group level, as I am planning to procure from vendors. Also, I have set the default order type as “Purchase order” (Note that the Production type is still “BOM”)

When I run the BOM calculation from released product form (using procured through purchase order and purchase price model is selected as Trade agreement price), I get the estimated cost price is “zero”. Does any come across this weird scenario? Is it a bug, that needs to be escalated to Microsoft.

I look forward to some one in this group to help me out.


UdhayAnand AVB