ax 2012 architecture

Hi… What is the architecture difference between ax 2012 vs ax 2012 related to Databases, security and others


architecture difference between ax 2009 vs ax 2012

The list is really long, you’ll find it in New, Changed, and Deprecated Features for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Or ask about a more specific topic than “databases, security and others”.


Thanks for u r reply.I always fallow this group its really helpful for who started their carrier in axapta.I am starting to learn this course.and i want to become a professional in this field.Please help me


Dear Reddy,

Good to know that you are interested to learn AX and want to build your career in that.

You can follow the documentation,d.c2E and do the self study. Practice daily and post if you get any specific questions here.

All the best!

Thanks kiran

Can u please give u r mail id,If i have any doubt i will sent a mail.

I don’t have any friends to share subject and ask doubts on this platform .

Please i hope you will help me